The main steps in seeking certification are:

      PHASE 1

    1. Set up your governance (top level steering group) and delivery team.
    2. Agree on your timetable, budget and resources required.
    3.  Carry out baseline assessments of your service (using the Readiness Checklist & Self-Assessment Templates at Annex A and the Data Template at Annex B).          
    4. Engage users and staff in development of service standards, measurement systems and complaints procedures by conducting basic process analysis and developing customer journey mapping.
    5. Produce a Service Charter incorporating the service standards that you are able to deliver now and an associated Service Improvement Plan (see template at Annex C).  The Service Improvement Plan will address those areas that require further work.  It will also cover plans for communications and feedback, and for working with users and staff throughout the year.

      PHASE 2

    1. Implement short-term improvements
    2. Start monitoring performance against your service standards.
    3. Set up systems for continuing engagement of your users and for providing feedback on performance to staff.

      PHASE 3

    1. Carry out a reassessment against the criteria
    2. Review and adjust your Service Improvement Plan as necessary and the associated delivery programme.
    3. Review and adjust monitoring arrangements.
    4. Implement changes.
    5. Adjust service standards [if you have been able to improve them and test with users].
    6. Prepare detailed evidence for Diamond Standard Assessment.

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