Training Resources

    Service Improvement is more than teaching staff to say ‘Have a nice day’. True Service Improvement makes changes to the quality and standards of the underlying service and is in alignment with the values of the organization and priorities of users.

    During the Service Improvement Phase agencies will be exposed to MPA-sponsored training in the area of Customer Service Charter Development; Service Improvement Planning, Implementation and Monitoring, Business Process Reengineering and Change Management. Teams will develop skills in creating and conducting surveys, engaging user panels, setting standards and measuring performance etc.

    As detailed in our Pocket Guide to Achieving the Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard participating agencies will be required to  develop a Service Charter and a Service Improvement Plan.

    A Service Charter is a statement of the standards and quality of service citizens can expect to receive when accessing the Agency’s service and the roles and responsibilities of users. Charters for public services provide an opportunity to create a new partnership between the government’s public services and the public.

    A Service Improvement Plan outlines strategies which will be implemented to address performance short-falls.

    The Service Improvement Phase spans approximately six (6) months. Agencies will be aided by a Service Delivery Technical Team from the MPA to plan strategies and put measures in place to improve their service delivery effectiveness based on performance gaps identified during the self-assessment stage.

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