Month 1 - 3:     Self Assessments, Preparation of Service Charter and

    Service Improvement Plan

    Weeks I - 4     

    1. Seek ministerial and senior management approval for and engagement in the Diamond Standard scheme.

    2. Conduct of sensitisation and briefing sessions for staff by the Ministry of Public Administation (MPA).

    3. Establish your governance and reporting arrangements.

    4. Set up your Service Delivery team.

    5. Agree on timetable, budget and resources.

    6. Agree on arrangements for support from the MPA Diamond Standard team.

    7. Carry out baseline assessments (Readiness Checklist & Self-Assessment / Baseline Data).

    Weeks 5 - 8

    8. Establish User Panel and other user /stakeholder consultations and survey arrangements.

    9. Map business process / customer journey.

    10. Hold first consultation meetings with staff and User Panel.

    11. Develop first draft of your Service Charter with initial service standards.

    12. Develop first draft of your Service Improvement Plan – short and long term.

    13. Develop performance measures and collection / reporting systems.

    14. Develop staff training plan.

    Week 9         

    15. Test your draft Service Charter/ measures on users, front line staff, other Stakeholders.

    16. Plan launch of the Service Charter and communication arrangements.


    Week 10        

    17. Revise Charter and Service Improvement Plan in light of comments.

    18 .Clear drafts with Steering Group.


    Week 11        

    19. Test final drafts with users and staff. 

    20. Submit final draft of Charter and Service Improvement Plan to your Permanent Secretary for approval. 



    Months 4 -6:   Implementation of Charter and Service Improvement Plan;  Monitoring of Performance and Feedback; Engaging Users and Staff

    21. Launch Charter and Service Improvement Plan, involving users and staff.

    22. Confirm delivery, timetable, budget and resources with Steering Group and Permanent Secretary.

    23. Start performance monitoring including user/staff surveys.

    24. Programme Ministerial and senior management engagement through year.

    25. Plan and timetable regular user engagement meetings.


    Month 7:     Informal Assessment / Adjustment of Service Improvement Plan and Service Standards

    26. Review half yearly performance data.

    27. Carry out reassessment against Diamond standard criteria.

    28. Review and adjust Service Improvement Plan and delivery programme.

    29. Adjust service standards / Charter and test with users.



    Months 8 – 9 (or 12):  Preparing for Formal Assessment

    30. Implement and monitor further improvements as necessary.

    31. Carry out audit of performance measurement / data collection systems.

    32. Prepare detailed evidence for full Diamond Standard assessment.

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