As you embark on this interesting journey to 'diamondise' your service we intend to assist you as much as we can along the way. The public service is a great resource in every country and we take pride in working with organisations who love continuous improvement.

    The Ministry of Public Administration will hold sensitisation sessions, workshops, training sessions and summits periodically every year to ensure that your organisation is prepared for assessment based on the criteria of the Trinidad and Tobago Diamond Standard. It may take some extra effort and a lot of in-house promotion, at first, to get some of your initiatives rolling but the satisfaction of success is every organisation's ultimate prize! There will be a knowledgeable and experienced team of Service Improvement Specialists appointed to each organisation, working with you and your teams to develop Service Charters and Service Improvements Plans.

    To top it off, a useful set of easy-to-use documents are attached below. These documents are selected based on both international best practices and our experiences from working with partners across government.

    Please find our available template downloads below;

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